Evan enters into the spotlight with four years of tattooing under his belt, and as the former owner/operator of ‘Downtown Bay Tattoo’ in Naples Florida.

Evan has spent a lifetime dedicated to his interests, desiring a deeper understanding of his Art as a Tattoo Artist and a Professional Drummer. He is quickly becoming a ‘must watch’ individual within the Tattoo community.

Evan boasts an expertise in delivering fine crisp lines and a profound use of color that makes his artwork pop. His specialties lay in the genres of Color Neo-Traditional work with high amounts of detail, Video Game/Comic Art, and Japanese style tattooing. He also loves to tattoo his custom designs and black and grey tattoos.

While Evan enjoys providing custom Tattoos, he also is a Professional Drummer. As a Drummer he is presently playing with the Rock Band “Embrace The Envy” in Orlando.

Ask any of his clients and they will proudly show his work and agree that Evan Lemboris is a well rounded and professionalTattoo Artist they would gladly return to for more ink.


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